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What is it?

Mystery shopping is a method for measuring quality of service.  Mystery shopping appeared in the early 1970s in the USA and Canada and became widespread along with growing popularity of retails chains.

Mystery shopping allows see a company the way its customer sees it. Mystery shoppers prepared by Profpoint represent average or desirable customers of a company and visit shops, cafes, hotels, gas stations, automobile sales centres, banks, beauty salons, fitness clubs, insurance companies’ offices, customer service units, etc.  During a mystery shop they make observations on a company’s employees work based on previously agreed criteria and fill in a special questionnaire on the Profpoint portal upon completion of a mystery shop. The whole investigation results in final report including observations, conclusions and recommendations. Final report is developed by skilled professionals of Profpoint.

What is it for?

Based on Profpoint experience, companies may resort to Mystery shopping as a one time investigation or a regular projects.

  • One-time investigation aimed at obtaining information in the following cases:
    • Unsatisfactory sales dynamics;
    • Decreasing quality of employees’ work;
    • Old customers are turning to competitors;
    • Competitors’ share of the market is increasing;
    • Company is introducing new corporate standards;
    • Company is entering new market;
    • Company’s retail chain is getting wider.
  • Regular project which allows achieve the following aims:
    • Control quality of employees’ work;
    • Keep staff constantly motivated;
    • Decide which employees deserve bonuses;
    • Get information on customers’ satisfaction with a company’s services on a regular basis.

What a project price depends on?

  • Work of Mystery shoppers depending on:
    • Mystery shop difficulty which determines amount of time required to prepare Mystery shoppers  (training, learning a scenario), hold Mystery shop (time required to travel and perform Mystery shop), fill in a questionnaire (amount of questions and requirements to comments).
    • Equipment required for a project, cost of its setting and use.
  • Project coordination
    • Mystery shoppers. Choice of Mystery shoppers depends on gender, age, social and any other specific requirements for a particular project. For instance, a Mystery shopper might need to have a car of a certain class to perform mystery shop in an automobile sales centre.
    • Project management: Mystery shoppers’ training, scheduling, project monitoring.
    • Results analysis according to the client’s requirements for reports – reports might have to include one or all of the following parts: statics, analytics and recommendations.
  • Fixed costs for preparation of questionnaires and reports, training for project coordinators, analysts, Mystery shoppers, bonuses for Mystery shoppers.
    • Development and application of software for project.
    • Information storage on virtual servers.
    • Specialist training: training for project coordinators, analysts, Mystery shoppers.
    • Communication with specialists and Mystery shoppers, exchange of experience, improving Mystery shoppers’ motivation – as they communicate and share their experience, quality of their work improves.

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